Tosan Family

Sarmaye Gozaran-e-Fanavari (Tecvest)
Consulting, Investment and Holding of TOSAN Group

Negin Software Development (TOSAN)
Banking and Payment Solutions Provider

Tosseh Fanafzar-e- Tosan (TOSAN Techno)
Production, Supply and Support of Banking and Payment Hardware

TOSAN Intelligent Data Miners (TIDM)
Business Intelligence, AML, Fraud Detection, Data Warehouse

Innovation and Development (IDCORP)
Provisioning of TOSAN Solutions to International Markets

TOSAN E-Commerce
E-Commerce Solutions

Samanehaye Yekparche Bozorge Farda (TLS)
Banking Solutions for Large Scale Banks

P.G. TOSAN Data Centers Development
Construct and Equip Advanced Data Centers

Sarmaye Sazan Tadbir Ayandeh (SATA)
Import, Export and Investment Consulting

Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Zamin Hooshmand Ayandeh
Agricultural Solutions

Digital Trust and Authentication

Future Smart Travel
Tourism Holding

Samanehaye Yekparche Simorgh Tejarat
E-Wallet Platform With cooperation of TEJARAT Bank

Smart Future E-Commerce
Payment and E-Commerce

Samanehaye Karbordi Kalan Hamgam (SEKKEH)
Post Bank Information Technology

Bazar Hooshmand Sina
B2B Supply Chain

Social Banking Solutions

Takin Microsystem
Industry Equipment Production

Tecvest Innovation Center
Startups Investment

Knowledge Management Institute
Consulting and Training

Tosse Fanavari Sepid System Sharif
Biometrics and Security Equipment




Shabake Gostaran Arad Tadbir
Provisioning of Enterprise Services