In 1404, TOSAN will be among the top 14 providers of banking services in the world and the best provider of Islamic banking solutions globally.

  • Realization of sales 3 times in 3 years

  • 10 percent of exports

  • Presence in banks with more than 2000 branches

  • Effective presence in the B2B and B2C market

  • تحقق فروش 3 برابری در 3 سال

  • 10 درصــد صــادرات

  • حضـور در بانک‌های بالای 2000 شعبه

  • حـضـور مـؤثــر در بــازار B2B و B2C

Fundamental values

TOSAN has always made the most effort to commit to its fundamental values.
We believe that the result of this is definite success and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Obtaining customer satisfaction through providing service and creating added value
  • Honesty and trust
  • Attention to the career development of employees
  • Adherence to moral and Islamic values
  • Commitment and loyalty to customers
  • Promotion of the culture and status of the Iranian name
  • Increasing people’s welfare by playing an effective role in improving the provision of financial services and electronic government