The enabling and transformative role of information technology has always been considered as an undeniable definition for the development of business. With the benefit of this approach, the banking industry has expanded its horizons and experience to the new form of business. Given the importance of their fundamental mission to improve the nation’s banking network, TOSAN Company works to promote public welfare through the development of financial services. In this work, Tosan has always excelled by keeping pace with the latest achievements and international experience. TOSAN’s Annual Forum, with the participation of academic and administrative leaders, international industry experiences in this field, as well as banks and financial institutions is an opportunity to evaluate the latest situation of what the open banking ecosystem provides. The process of creating value is the theme of this 2016 forum. TOSAN’s approach in response to the new needs of customers, to monitoring and to IT service will be on the agenda. The Forum will explore opportunities for the development of the banking industry and the requirements for its realization. It will also explain the different approaches to increasing the ability of banks to provide new services in the field of electronic banking. Further main topics to be presented include: (1) enabling the enjoyment of new experiences in the banking world; and (2) some of the achievements of domestic banks in the use of IT facilities; and (3) new achievements of TOSAN Group and its business partners in consulting about IT-based solutions.

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