TOSAN Rhizome Bank training course at the finish line, this training course was held in two parts, conceptual and operational, the rhizome is philosophically symbolic, nomadic, and communicative, and from a technological point of view is a collection of multiple, progressive, and at the same time unified capabilities. Rhizome is the philosophical foundation of TOSAN Digital Banking, which will shape the future trajectory of TOSAN’s new digital banking products. One of the unique experiences of this training-practical course is the gamification of the participation of the people present in the course, and at the end of this course, the participating groups were praised by the CEO and Vice President for Market Development and Customer Relations of TOSAN Company.

Rhizome Awards Ceremony (TOSAN Digital Banking Infrastructure) was held on October 26, 2021 in the presence of CEO Mr. Seyed Ruhollah Fatemi Ardakani and Mr. Omid Torabi, Vice President for Market Development and Customer Relations.

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