TOSAN Iran and TEMENOS Switzerland have signed a strategic partnership exclusive contract for development banking software. Due to the interest of foreign companies for investment in Iran, TEMENOS as the top core banking software brand in the world with more than 1,000 customers and TOSAN as banking and payment software solution provider in Iran with the largest market share in core banking technologies agreed on establishment of center of excellence for banking technologies at the appropriate time in Iran.

Joint venture, transfer of technology and the creation and localization of the banking solution will be considered the main objectives of this cooperation.

TOSAN company as the largest manufacturer of banking software, in addition to maintaining and expanding its existing products, in order to diversify their service portfolio, covering different tastes and market anticipation of the arrival of foreign banks in the country as the only and exclusive establishment of TOSAN in Iran caters installation, commissioning, training and support of the software to the banking market.

TOSAN through this strategic partnership, beside expanding its R&D team, human resources, solutions and services to the global level and more than ever towards the entrepreneurship and value creation for the country.

Banking customers, both domestic and foreign banks who are seeking to access the most advanced technologies in the world, can be confident to benefit from the support and strength of internal body of TOSAN cooperation. Read more

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