In addition to launch and providing services to more than 10 banks in the IT organization, SCOM Cross-platform Monitoring System is currently operating, performing and monitoring operations.

SCOM System Capabilities


Network Monitoring


Services Monitoring


Virtual machines Monitoring


Storage Monitoring


Host Monitoring


Today, the cost of 24 service providers to manage and support the service is increasing, and their biggest concern is the management of services and monitoring in both network and service-through-system areas. The SCOM monitoring system can cover the needs of this area as a preventive solution.

SCOM System Features

  • Automated Application Monitoring System
  • Automatically create Alert of Monitoring, Services and Applications
  • Ability to integrate with all brands and applications
  • Ability to personalize and create a variety of reports
  • Show the health status of all CIs
  • Show performance statistics for different services
  • Ability to create different alerts through different channels Instance Message, Mail, SMS
  • Supports secure communication protocols (SNMP, Https)



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