Research and Development

Research, knowledge acquisition and sharing it, is one of the important goals and main characteristics of TOSAN’s specialists and IT experts. This goal has always been achievable through research into innovative solutions in areas related to the company’s business. Innovation in the field of IT and banking business, in addition to providing the possibility of developing and improving solutions that can be provided to customers, with the possibility of presenting the results in the form of workshops as well as practical articles in various conferences and seminars has introduced TOSAN company as one of Activists present at most scientific conferences. Participation in Electronic Banking and Payment Systems annual conferences (Monetary and Banking Research Institute), annual conferences on Islamic Banking (Institute of Banking Education in Iran) as well as publishing articles in scientific-research and extension journals are among the appropriate practical measures in this field. In addition, in order to publish the latest world banking and financial knowledge in the world, this company translates books on Islamic banking, banking and finance every year and publishes them for those who are interested in these subjects. These include the books "Islamic Capital Markets, Comparative Approach" and "Bank 3.0", "Bank 4.0" and the book "Bian Edition 2019".






Bian Edition 2019
Guy Rackham
Hans Tresselaar
Klaas de Groot


Bank 4.0
Brett King


Bank 3.0
Brett King


Islamic Capital Markets
Abbas Mirakhor
Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha


Islamic Banking and Finance in the European Union
M.Fahim Khan
Mario Porzio





Islamic Banking in Indonesia
Rifki Ismal


Green Banking
Giuliano Osman Saeed
Bala Shanmugam


Globalization and Islamic Finance
Abbas Mirakhor
Hossein Askari
Zamir Iqbal


Zero to One
Peter Thiel


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