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Research and Exploration

Knowledge production is one of the main goals and leading indicators of TOSAN informatics experts. The goal has always been through the research of innovative solutions in the areas related to the acquisition. Innovation in IT and banking business besides offering the possibility of developing solutions to customers with the ability to deliver results in the form of workshops and practical articles in various conferences and seminars, has already raised TOSAN as an activist in the numerous scientific congregations. Participation in the Electronic Banking and Payment Systems annual conferences of Monetary and Banking Research Institute and Islamic Banking annual conference of Islamic Banking Institute as well as publication of articles in scientific and science and promotional journals, are considered appropriate engagements in this field.

In addition to all above and in line with the goal of spreading the knowledge of the world, each year several books in the area of ​​banking business and banking and Islamic finance are translated and published by TOSAN in order to reach their enthusiasts.

Among these books "Islamic capital markets, comparative approach" and "The Book Bank 3.0" can be mentioned.






History of our Research and Explorations