Islamic Financing Mgmt

Islamic Financing Management is an Islamic banking system based on the latest guidelines of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The system offers all kind of Islamic contracts and provides banks unique features for defining different credit types, payments and customer reimbursement methods. This system covers all processes related to the financing granting, including the definition of all types of financing, approval, completion, Islamic contract issuance, fund payment, installment payment and automatically generates all the essential reports for the central bank. Islamic financing management system is one of the main components of TOSAN`s core banking products and has the ability to connect to customer`s deposits, customers and use their information. One of the great features of this system design is the ability to connect to different Core Banking systems. The main types of Islamic contracts covered by Islamic Financing Management System are: Qard al-Hasan, Installment Sales, Civil Partnership, Profit-Loss Investment Sharing / Mudarabah, Hire Purchase / Rent to Own / Ijarah- wal- Iqtina, Sale of Debt / Bay` al-Dayn, Salam / Salaf, Service Fee / Jo`ala, Sale of Debt / Bay` al-Dayn, Cost-Plus Sale / Murabahah, Istisna.

Islamic Financing Management Highlights

  • Ability to set all parameters of each facility according to the bank`s financial policies
  • Perform all calculations automatically
  • Export of all accounting documents automatically
  • Do all of the end of the year automatically
  • Open accounting requirements automatically
  • Compatibility with the existing structure Ledger Bank Facilities System
  • Online operations management facilities on the different branches
  • Ability to calculate profits for stair and future value
  • Ability to process and calculate the interest accrual
  • Calculation of profits, fines and collaterals automatically
  • Possibility to inform an warn customers for due dates through SMS
  • Possibility to determine and obtaining customer`s collateral
  • Automated Payment of Installments from the Deposit
  • Classifying and save claims
  • Possibility to put moratorium on financing
  • Generating Comprehensive Financing and Management Reports
  • Possibility to calculate profit as staggering and future values