Islamic Financing Mgmt

A system based on Islamic banking system TOSAN facilities and the latest guidelines of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The system covers all Islamic contracts and unique features to define the types of credit, payment methods and types of repayment to the bank`s customers. The system processes all the facilities, including the definition, adoption, completed the issuance of contracts, payment and receipt of payments covers all required reports prepared by its central bank automatically. The facility is one of the main components of the portfolio concentrated banking system TOSAN and connectivity deposits, customers and the use of customer information. Among the prominent features of this system is designed to connect to a centralized banking system. The main types of Islamic contracts covered by the system include the following facilities: interest-free, installment sales, civic participation, partnership, hire-purchase, reward, Order of religion, self, guarantee, Murabaha and Istisn.

Islamic Financing Management Highlights

  • Ability to set all parameters of each facility according to the bank`s financial policies
  • perform all calculations automatically
  • Export of all accounting documents automatically
  • Do all of the end of the year automatically
  • Open accounting requirements automatically
  • compatibility with the existing structure Ledger Bank Facilities System
  • Online operations management facilities on the different branches
  • Ability to calculate profits for stair and future value
  • Ability to process and calculate the interest accrual
  • calculation of profits, fines and collaterals automatically
  • Ability to send messages to customers for maturity and notice
  • Ability to set records and receive documentation from clients
  • Ability to receive automatic payment of deposit
  • sorting and storage of demands
  • The possibility of rescheduling facilities
  • Generate comprehensive reports on facilities management
  • User-friendly graphical interface and very low volume
  • automatic update clients in branches
  • manage batch operations on the Web