YASS® ATM Application

TOSAN’s ATM application branded as YAAS, is an application software which has been designed to manage ATM machines based on WOSA/XFS standard to operate on Windows XP and Windows 7 machines. This application software offers bank the option to use ATM machines on different modes such as Operator, Supervisor and Vendor and assists customers with providing them the choice to use the ATM machine with or without physical card. YAAS application software has been tested and used on several hardware brands such as GRG, NCR, Wincore, Banqit, Kingteller and Hyosung Nautilus.

Key Features

  • Supporting XFS2 and XFS3 standards
  • Ability to process the transaction with contact or contactless smart cards in addition to magnetic cards
  • Ability to personalize customer’s receipts, messages and bank’s commercial materials
  • Ability to report incidents electronically or using paper journal
  • Ability to activate or deactivate transactions and/or YAAS application software menus in a specific periods using the configuration file
  • Ability to use the application software in various languages such as Persian, English etc.
  • Ability to check the ATM’s hardware and software condition from center
  • Ability to send the appropriate messages to the center or the specific person when having hardware or software issues
  • Ability to update the ATM application software remotely

Unique Features

  • Offering different services with or without card at the ATM Machine
  • Card-less cash withdrawal capability
  • Ability to receive cash deposit at the machines which are equipped to cash deposit module (like NCR, Wincor and Hyosung Nautilus brands)
  • Ability to show the balance and bills of contactless cards
  • Showing the credit card outstanding balance, credit profile statement and settlement of credit card outstanding debts
  • Showing the financing statement and installment payment
  • Ability to pay utility bills (gas, water, electricity, mobile top-ups etc.) through the ATM machine
  • Ability to pay for charities
  • Ability to buy mobile operator top-ups
  • Ability to recharge contactless cards
  • Ability to withdraw foreign currency
  • Ability to withdraw money with having the option to choose the money note types
  • Ability to transfer money from one card to the other (local, interbank through national switch (
  • Ability to transfer money from card to deposit
  • Ability to transfer money from card to IBAN account
  • Ability to transfer money with ID code
  • Ability to switch the main account and delete the subsidiary account through ATM
  • Ability to change the card pin code and internet pin code through ATM
  • ATM Commercial and advertising features with predefined design tool and advanced configuration capabilities
  • Supporting Cashless ATM machines
  • Ability to use barcode reader
  • Ability to play and manage sounds through ATM machine
  • Having special features to help disabled people to use ATM machine
  • IBAN inquiry through ATM machine

YAAS® ATM Application