Corporate Social and Cultural Responsibilities

Corporate Social and Cultural Responsibilities Corporate social responsibility sustainable development, health and social welfare will meet the expectations and needs of stakeholders respond with laws and society`s values, and comply with global norms and at the end comprehends with integrity. In TOSAN, We are deeply aware of these responsibilities and we will work with its various aspects to make sure that these are compatible with multi-faceted look. Accordingly, our integrated model of man, nature and organization at our core. Therefore, our corporate social responsibilities in TOSAN are organized around several major axis and we will continue to keep these going:








By producing solutions that contribute to enviromental conversation, such as virtual banking solutions. 

According to the apprises through contunius training partners and staff as well as improving the general level of knowledge and empowerment at the community level

Draw attention to ethics by developing organizational and institutional practices and attention to public morality and public efforts.

Through providing economic developement for the country to develop foreign markets, exports and contribute to empowerment and economic activity in the presence of Iranians outside the country boarders.

Not only is CRS crusial to recruiting talented emplyees, it is also a great way to maintain the engagement of your existing work force.

Corporate Social and Cultural Responsibilities