Corporate Social and Cultural Responsibilities


Organizational social responsibility according to the ISO 26000 standard includes: The responsibility of an organization in response to the effects and consequences of its actions and decisions on society and the environment, which must be done with transparency and an ethical approach. It is further stated that these measures should contribute to the sustainable development of society, Ensure the health and well-being of society, respond to the expectations and needs of stakeholders, comply with the laws and regulations and values of society, comply with global norms and ultimately enjoy cohesion and integration. In TOSAN We are deeply aware of this responsibility and try to adapt ourselves to its various aspects and look at it in a multifaceted way. Accordingly, we take a central look at the integrated model of human, nature, and organization. We organize and advance TOSANs corporate social responsibility around several core axis.


And what TOSAN has done...





  • Paying attention to the health of capital and manpower
  • Paying attention to the mental and physical health of employees producing solutions that help protect the environment, including:
  • Electronic Banking Solutions
  • Providing free medical services to staff


Employment and Society

  • Employment of internal expert staff Management and staff participation in TOSAN Ghard-Al-Hassan Fund
  • Providing the possibility of economic growth and development for the country by developing foreign market and exporting products
  • Helping to empower Iranians and their presence and economic activities overseas
  • Charity projects and assistance to earthquake victims, flood victims and the needy through TOSAN=s Charity



  • Collaboration with the best universities in the country
  • Holding specialized training courses and workshops in order to improve the level of knowledge of the banking community, paying attention to the continuous updating of the learnings of colleagues and staff
  • Promoting the general level of knowledge and ability at the community level



  • Develop and implement an organizational ethics charter
  • Institutionalizing attention to public morality and trying to draw public attention to it



  • Providing banking and financial products and services for people with physical disabilities







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