Channel Management

TOSAN channel management system is the result of 15 years of experience of the company in providing modern banking services. The use of standard communication protocols in communicating with other subsystems, has enabled the integration of this product with other banking systems. This system enables banks and financial institutions to receive the services they need and, by reducing the cost and time of activating the services, makes it possible to use the service in virtual banking channels. In simple terms, the channel management system increases the productivity of the channels and at the same time provides the possibility of providing new services on the channel as quickly as possible and creates a platform for the competitive provision of modern banking services. Since providing modern banking services to banks is much less expensive than providing traditional banking services, the existence of a system that allows integrated channel management and channel performance analysis to the bank management is very important and vital.





Reduce the complexity and cost of implementing new requests by focusing services on channel management


Integration between modern banking channels


Speed of providing banking services to the market through modern channels


Using channel management as management of security and system settings and user, configuration and monitoring of virtual channels such as telephone, mobile and etc. 


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