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Business Intelligent

With the advent of digital notification, the issue of data explosions, information and the need to maintain it, especially for the financial and banking business that deals with data and information more than any other industry, is felt more and more every day. Data analysis can provide additional knowledge about any business. Data sets are of little value in their raw and unpaid form, what is really valuable is the knowledge that can be obtained and used from the data, which is provided by data mining. Data mining technology is more than just data collection and management, it also includes analysis and forecasting. TOSAN Company is proud to provide data mining services with the establishment of TOSAN Intelligent Data Miners Company as one of its subsidiaries, which has been able to provide comprehensive and useful information using a large amount of data from each bank. TOSAN Intelligent Data Miners was established in 2009 by combining the abilities and experiences of TOSANs experts and elite university professors and students in order to play a role in discovering data-driven knowledge and creating management tools and now it is one of the largest companies in the field of business intelligence in the country.


TOSAN has simplified the decision-making process for sensitive and important data with business intelligence dashboards.



Flexible visual design


Extensive facilities in presenting and displaying data

Using different / unlimited data sources


Quick access to information


Unlimited navigation, scroll and so on

Centralized data management and support


Dynamic and visual displays and alerts


Access information based on real time and request

Data-driven research and data mining

Due to the type of business of TOSAN company and achieving a large volume of data, this company has been able to equip the academic team of data mining and business intelligence, analyze the data of different banks if desired and based on the available information, patterns Analyze the behavior of customers and branches, measure the efficiency of stakeholders, risk management, etc. and examine the effectiveness of banking policies. Numerous researches and analytical reports have been made based on the data extracted from the IBI system as well as the data obtained from TOSAN Intelligent Data Mining Company and have been provided to the customers who were interested in receiving such information.

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