Business Intelligence and Data Mining



Data-driven research and Data Mining

According to the company`s business Bronco and achieve large volumes of data, the company was able to equip the university specializing in data mining and business intelligence, data from different databases if data analyzed on the basis of information existing customers and branches behavioral patterns, measure the efficiency of stakeholders, risk management and the impact of policy analysis and examine banks. Research and analytical reports based on data extracted from IBI system as well as data obtained from data taken Kavan and the customers who have a desire to receive such information, is located.


Business Intelligence

With the arrival of the era of digital information, the explosion of data, especially for the banking business and the need to keep them more than any industry dealing with data and information, every day more than ever felt. The data about any business can bring additional knowledge. Data collection in its raw form and payment are afforded little value, what really is valuable knowledge that can be used data obtained using data mining that it`s important to be prepared. Data mining technology more than collect and manage data, including analysis and forecasting as well. Bronco Company is proud to offer data mining services company with Tasysn intelligent data-Kavan Bronco as a subset of the company`s comprehensive and useful information that could be using large amounts of data banks available to them. Kavan was smart in 1388 by combining the talents and experiences of experts and professors and students Bronco academic elite to play a role in the discovery and creation of data-driven knowledge management tools was formed and is now one of the largest companies in the field of business intelligence is.