TOSAN Cafe-Fintech


Café Fintech No. 1

22 October 2017

TSB+ Orchestration of Open Banking Processes

Due to importance of B2B in banking process, it was TOSANs first Cafe Fintech topic to discuss. To provide the best online services to customers, TOSAN has reviewed and updated the architecture of its solutions in three axes of process, service and information which was discussed at this meeting.

Café Fintech No. 2

28 November 2017

?Who says Elephants can`t Dance

About three years ago, TOSAN launched the TOSAN Boom ecosystem with the goal of attracting and nurturing Fintech startups and complementing banking products portfolio. TOSAN Boom has held two Hackathon and currently 13 Fintech startups have operational products, over 20 startups are testing their products and out of these 20, 12 startups will be operational soon.

Café Fintech No. 3

24 December 2017

ATMs, Are Making the Move to the New Experience of TOSAN

Armaghan is a web-base and new generation of ATM software which is faster than its previous ATM software YAS. Armaghan’s web architecture makes this software easier to connect to third parties and peripheral systems, ACH and RTGS process can also be easily submitted.

Café Fintech No. 4

15 May 2018


If you do not tie security to business, you will have a missing link and that is why Corelog is so important to TOSAN, The result of this importance led to receiving the Dr. Nourbakhsh Award in the 7th Conference of Electronic Banking and Payment Systems.

Café Fintech No. 5

22 July 2018


One of the most important points in Debt Collection Management system design, is about change from a method-oriented to a process-oriented perspective. The same design model has made one of the added values of the system to be customizable for each bank and each customer, and various policies can be designed in this system.

Café Fintech No. 6

30 September 2018

IFRS information systems and Capital Adequacy system

The event was held with the theme of introducing IFRS information systems and Capital Adequacy system, since the central bank seeks financial transparency between banks, it attaches great importance to these two issues and has issued a detailed circular on capital adequacy. TOSAN Intelligent Data Miner Company has launched products for both issues, IFRS and Capital Adequacy System which both were introduced in TOSAN sixth Cafe Fintech and their features by a separate demo.

Café Fintech No. 7

04 November 2018

FATF, Banking and Anti-money Laundring System

In this event, due to the hotly debated money laundering and FATF requirements in the country, Experts from TOSAN Intelligent Data Miners Company were present to briefly introduce the FATF and its guidelines to Iran and to unveil the demo version of the company anti-money laundering system.

Café Fintech No. 8

23 December 2018

Electronic Banking, Social Responsibility

The event was attended by TOSAN customers such as Day Bank, Shahr Bank, Iran Venezuela Bi-National Bank, Iran Zamin Bank, Saman Bank, Eghtesad Novin Bank and Post bank. In this cafe, TOSAN introduced the most important services that provides to its customers and the community in the field of social responsibility.

Café Fintech No. 9

02 July 2019

Tiam and Ravyar Fraud Detection System

In this program, while introducing the features of TOSANs artificial intelligence, TOSAN Intelligent data mining products based on operational intelligence were also introduced, RAVYAR Card detects suspected fraudulent card transactions online and instantaneously by applying conditional rules, sensitivity analysis, risk history analysis and data mining analysis.

Café FinTech Seminar

27 August 2019


In this event, the necessity of Gamification solution in the field of banking was discussed. That games are not just for children and can also help users mental focus. In addition, this approach can be effective in issues such as personal management, lending and bank policy.

Café Fintech No. 10

03 December 2019

Integrated Omni Channel

Integrated channels are an inevitable approach in digital banking, The time has come for banks to focus on providing banking services, to turn to the customer, and the concern of banks should be to experience the customer travel. This is not possible except with integrated products that are designed and manufactured according to this concept.

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