SIPA® Payment Solution

SIPA payment switch is a result of TOSAN’s many years of experience in different banking software fields, which introduced in 2010, is a comprehensive solution specially designed to fulfil the e-banking requirements based on cards transaction processing. As a comprehensive system, SIPA has the capability to be served as an acquire switch, interbank switch, authorizer switch or a combination of all. Open Architecture, optimal processing of high volume transactions, issuance and management of various cards, using accounting engine as the core financial and banking operations as well as holding the ISO-8583 standard interface are the outstanding features of this solution. SIPA payment solution is a full modular system with independent components that enables connectivity and integration with variety of servers (hosts), terminals, switches and banking networks through service-oriented architecture and Java technology. The main obligation of this system is being able to connect to all types of ATM, POS, Internet, USSD, kiosk, cellphone, other switches and modern terminals (via connection to channel management) through launching ISO channels and by applying minimum changes. Moreover, by introduction of SHETAB and SHAPARK networks from central bank, all the necessary tests has been successfully completed in order to connect these networks to the SIPA switch. Thus, this switch is capable to operate as complete banking switch and connect to SHETAB interbank network, acquire switch, connect to SHAPARK payment network or interbank in special projects such as treasury switch.


Key Features


  • Three layer design and service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Java Technology
  • High volume transaction processing capability
  • Modular
  • Supporting Standard protocols and comply with Central Bank requirements
  • ISO-8583 standard interface
  • Ability to connect and integration with variety of servers (hosts), terminals, switches, banking and payment networks
  • Advanced information security in different layer aspects such as transaction communication channels, database and other applications


Unique Features


  • Supporting different services and payment transactions
  • Ability to be used as an acquire, interbank and authorizer switch
  • Ability to define and monitor ISO-8583 channels in order to connect to other institutes
  • Ability to issue, extend, modify and assess credit for different cards such as debit card, credit, gift card, family card, SIGMA®, multipurpose card, smart wallet card and electric ticket
  • Ability to connect to different payment networks
  • Support and manage different payment terminals
  • Ability to support and service third party institutes such as utility bill issuance companies (water, electricity, gas, mobile operators etc.)
  • Scheduled operation management
  • Indeterminate transaction management
  • Transaction cleansing, reconciliation and settlement management
  • Fee calculation and service management