Real-time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

RTGS (Locally called as SATNA) is an electronic system in which processing and settlement of transactions between the bank and ordered immediate payment is done individually and instantaneously. RTGS interbank payment system TOSAN brand RTGS to exchange orders and customer payments, bank to bank customer has the ability to work with a variety of banking systems have been centralized. The most important feature in the interbank payment system SANA use of service oriented architecture (SOA) and three-layer design software (user interface, business and data) that`s in addition to speed up system performance, advantages such as easy connection to a variety of systems central bank, increase security and speed up changes to have. The reconciliation process in the system is done completely automatically.


Other features RTGS

  • Full compliance with the requirements and guidelines of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic banking
  • speed appropriate support systems are the focus of the business layer on a server
  • higher processing power for high volume database transactions including registration and issuance
  • Connects to a variety of virtual banking channels like internet banking, mobile banking, mobile internet banking, mobile banking and telephone banking USSD-based
  • Ability to work with a detailed history
  • access based on user roles in RTGS to center

Real-time Gross Settlement