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TOSAN Company, as one of the pioneers of IT in the field of banking, is also providing banking and financial solutions, who is also a pioneer in providing financial intelligence solutions by providing IBI (Islamic Banking Intelligence) system which provides financial information to researchers, Financial experts and even financial investors. Due to providing this service, TOSAN had recognized as the first and only provider of IBI solution in the Middle East. This system is a new and innovative tool in the world of Islamic banking that by collecting information of all Islamic banks from all around the world. For the first time,this company has provided a platform for analytical and detailed comparison of financial information of Islamic banks. So far, information of more than 170 Islamic banks from more than 37 different countries has been collected in this system. The information in the IBI system is provided from the audited financial statements of Islamic banks and in the above system for each bank about 250 fields of information including balance sheet and profit and loss statement as well as all important notes of annual financial reports are kept for comparison. The financial information of the IBI system since 2008 is available in the base currencies of the countries as well as in dollars. This system with more than 50 data-driven indicators, has the ability to analyze a bank or a country in comparison with other banks and countries based on various criteria such as profitability, capital adequacy, efficiency, quality of assets and liquidity, Islamic contracts and even shariah goals. This system is also based on the latest Business Intelligence technologies and has been created in the web environment and can be offered as a clouding to all banks, universities and research institutes around the world that are interested in Islamic economics and banking.


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