Government Service Bus (GSB)

The Government Service Bus (GSB) system is a highly efficient data exchange platform supported by the use of extended module management services. This worldwide solution is known as Enterprise Service bus, Government Service Bus (GSB) can provide a secure and integrated platform for structured data-based information exchange by implementing in organizations, large holdings and ministries.



The Government Service Bus(GSB) Features


Reduce entity reception time


Reduce the possibility of abuse and counterfeiting


Transparency of enforcement on all entities


Get statistics and information detail


Creating synergies between entities and organizations


Integrated platform


Definition of connective services


Improve the performance levels


Security management and access levels


Supports various protocols


Reporting and monitoring



The Government Service Bus (GSB) Information Exchange Platform has been operationalized as a project of the GSB Government Information Exchange Center in the Information Technology Organization of Iran for the purpose of achieving E-Government and has been operational since 1977. The system is currently one of the largest bus services in the country and plays an important role in facilitating communications between government agencies. Among the most important successes of this system are the following:

Govermental and public entity connection

Unique Service

Million anual Transactions


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