Seamless Islamic and Conventional Core Banking Solution



The fastest, the most accurate, the most convenient and the most accessible can’t be spelled in modern banking services unless the virtual world reveals its presence. Benefits are not only the customer satisfaction but also a considerable cut in operational costs.

The Virtual Banking Solutions is a collection of conventional banking services brought together to be accessed via internet, telephone and mobile phones, some to be mentioned are fund transfers, balance enquiries, current account services, bill payments and paying in installments.

In creation of the solutions, cutting edge technologies have been deployed with a careful and overwhelming consideration. Service Oriented Architecture in a three tier model with JAVA technology are our chosen triangle of technical strength alongside with measures taken to secure financial transactions made by customers. The solution is not a designed fortress to prevent friendly systems from coming close to although security measures against attacks are highly taken into account , it has a very easy to connect nature in a way that any standard plug-ins like card payment systems or other banking systems could be connected to. Virtual Banking components are:




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