Fraud Detection of Suspicious Transactions (Online)

The purpose of online transaction fraud detection system using Business Intelligence infrastructure in the banking industry and payment on line with the discovery of fraud in banking transactions. However, this system focuses on determining the amount of the card transaction is suspicious, but the proposed architecture is implemented on other operating systems on sight. The switch system (or any other calling system) transaction terminal or upstream switches (network acceleration, butterflies, etc.) through a supported web services fraud detection system sends to the core. The core called smart rules inference engine system and identify the suspicious transactions to fraud results in addition to the switch card, the database is stored. The core connectivity to other surveillance systems, monitoring and provides online information.

 The implementation of operational intelligence infrastructure, the bank out which are numerous possibilities can be mentioned the following:

  • Monitor the online and real-time monitoring of internal controls and processes transactions (such as credit card transactions, internet banking transactions, payment, etc.)
  • identify and report the suspicious and unusual
  • monitoring, modification or confirmation of transactions
  • The decision to stop the alarm for suspicious online
  • storage and processing results provide operational and analytical reports (instantaneous and time)
  • Assistance for smart decisions online
  • Monitor the performance of the entities involved (such as terminals and cards issued) are online
  • Reduce time and executive decision-making processes and raise productivity