CHAKAVAK Cheque Mgmt

With the development of information technology and communications infrastructure and promote electronic transactions, other paper payment instruments was born and grew at an accelerating pace. In addition to existing systems in the field of new payment system in the country, one of the systems projected is Cheque Management System (CHAKAVAK).

In this system, the image and the Czech and Czech data to examine the debtor's bank and the issuing bank transfer cheque management system pass and with confirmation of the order will act and direct harvest in order to settle the cheque clearing system puts power. After data processing systems, clearing Czech document by debit / credit banks for interbank clearing system will be sent by RTGS.

CHAKAVAK by connecting to system management and TOSAN monitoring system cheque central bank management system processes the incoming cheque or CHAKAVAK cheque sent to the system to provide bank.


CHAKAVAK Cheque Mgmt. Highlights


Messages Based On XML, According To Central Bank

  • Full Compliance with the Requirements and Guidelines of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic Of Iran and Islamic Banking
  • Full Coverage of the Cheque and Assignment - Normal and Password
  • Ability to Define Dynamic Document Description
  • Ability to Define Different Levels of Checks to Verify
  • Ability to Search For All the Activities Carried Out On Cheque
  • Ability to Select the List of Errors Back
  • Ability to Search the Checks at Any Branch and Various Reports at the Branch and Centre