Control Process Management System (SANA)

As one of the country`s regulatory bodies, Iran Supreme Audit Court is responsible for overseeing all government agencies and public institutions. Due to the scope and variety of its responsibilities, it was decided to design and implement a unified monitoring process-oriented system in 2011. In this project, TOSAN company, in collaboration with the Iran Supreme Audit Court , designed and implemented an electronic Control Process Management System (SANA) based on the requirements and working process of the organization. This system has been operational since 2015 and currently has more than 10 subsystems (including Prosecution Subtraction - Budget Subtraction - Audit, etc.) integrated, sending reports to the organization from the beginning of data entry, Ends the track and provides detailed reports that have played an important role in speeding up and facilitating oversight. Among the most important successes of this system are the following:


Detailed and varied reports at all levels of management

Systematic and electronic throughout the process


Control Process Management System (CPMS)

Control Process Management System (CPMS) is designed and implemented with the aim of creating an integrated and efficient monitoring process that can reduce operational risks and creating records to process in addition to monitor and expedite oversight, by reporting to different levels of management and experts, enhance the quality of supervision. This system can be implemented in addition to oversight organizations and entities in the country, also in large companies and holdings that require control and monitoring systems at their subsidiary levels (due to the ability to connect to various systems, collect and integrate information and configure business processes).

Control Process Management System (CPMS) features


Developing the system and doing all affairs


Provide a variety of reports and management requirements


The platform converts all input data into an analytical format for the system


Form and Report generator System


Ability to implement on process management infrastructure


Smart system


Ability to convert and synchronize input information


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