Message from CEO


To take new paths, we need to take the positive experiences of the past with us, as well as strengthen the approaches that help us perform better than before. This approach means that we move from problem-oriented thinking, which is focusing on problems, to problem-oriented thinking, which means shaping an ideal better than before and solving problems. To do this, we must consider TOSAN’s values, which is, what we must believe-in in order to move forward. We value empathy, alignment, and transparency in interacting with each other, along with all the differences we have. We have removed the boundaries between the teams and we all strive as one "TOSAN" identity, and every time it is just TOSAN. By reinforcing this approach as separate departments that work together, as much as individual success is important to us, so is the success of our colleagues. TOSAN has had the audacity in the history of its life that has always led him to take transformational actions.



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