Mobile Banking



Where traditional banking services have proved inadequate, costly and Inaccessible in many emerging markets, mobile banking is fast progressing.

The high penetration rate of mobile technology is a great opportunity to introduce financial services as a mobile value-added service. The low cost of SMS is an advantage for the development of new mobile services and does not represent a barrier to acceptance by the end user.

The solution is shared between an easy-to-use service menu housed in the SIM and the M-Banking gateway implemented at the bank`s site. The use of the smart card guarantees the security, as it is a fraud proof device that also stores cryptographic keys, algorithms and process data.

All the information that is processed in the card is coded before being sent over the mobile operator`s network and is only decoded at the M-Banking gateway, where the key is verified.



  • Lower operating costs
  • Greater geographic diversification
  • Improved or sustained competitive position
  • Increased customer demand for services
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Multi language




  • Daily Balance
  • Utility Bills payment
  • Fund Transfer to/from card/account
  • Set or cancel periodic operation


  • Balance Inquiry
  • Utility Bills payment
  • Blocking card
  • Fund transfer
  • Password change


  • Loans
  • Interest rates
  • Currency rates
  • Branch information




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