Mobile Banking



TOSAN Mobile Banking System has the ability to provide a wide range of widely used banking services for bank customers in the context of the most modern mobile platforms. This system, with its user-friendly and easy operation and fully interactive user interface, improves the capability and ease of using banking services. Installing this application on a smartphone increases the level of accessibility of banking and payment services for the bank customer, and these three factors result in saving the time and money of the bank customers and thus recording a unique user experience.



Saving time


Saving money


Exclusive user experience



Like other modern TOSAN channels, TOSAN mobile banking system leads to increased productivity in providing banking services to customers. This increase in productivity has a direct role in reducing bank costs, which is an important component in increasing the short-term profitability of the bank. On the other hand, by providing services based on the use of the most advanced and up-to-date technologies in the world, especially in the context of new platforms such as iOS and Android, the bank will be able to place itself in the social mentality as a leading bank. These platforms are used for other purposes, to attract banking services as new customers.











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