Fraud Detection (Offline)

Fraud detection and prevention systems as a tool to fight against imposters and fraudsters used. With further progress in the field of information technology and electronic banking platform suitable for the formation of cheating, fraud and embezzlement in financial institutions and banks is provided. Teenagers fraud detection system as a new tool, inspectors, auditors and bank managers in order to monitor and analyze transactions accompanies. With the advancement of information technology and the development of electronic banking platform suitable for cheating, fraud, embezzlement, influence and unauthorized access to information provided by financial institutions and banks.

This system is one of the concerns of the banking industry, using new technologies to study the voluminous data to identify the banks and financial institutions are fraudulent and suspicious and learning is its most important feature. Fraud detection system modules are: Module card, accounting, customer, retail banking facilities, modern with many added features, such as inspections and adding new rules to the system.