JetWay | Process-oriented mobile banking

JetWay is the extent of our open banking services. TOSAN Company has provided the Jetway process-oriented mobile bank platform to provide banking and non-banking services on mobile platforms.

The JetWay end users will be able to perform and follow the process of banking services from the JetWay Mobile Banking channel as well as other channels such as NetWay Internet Banking and Armaghan Plus.

This is along with the provision of an integrated channel solution that will be accompanied by the unification of the user experience which increases satisfaction and accelerates the delivery of services for the end customer.

Also, it is possible to provide services such as all kinds of card services such as bill payment, top-ups from different service operators without the need to login and with a different user interface and with easy navigation.
This platform provides several applications with different features to the banks with the possibility to prepare and customize the banking and non-banking related infrastructures to its customers such as municipalities and traffic, etc.
In fact, it will be the bank’s responsibility to provide different user interfaces that can be used by the customers.
Therefore, according to the technology used for Jetway’s Process-Oriented Mobile Bank, the layout of displayed user interface does not depend on updating the version, and will be done on the server side, changes are applied to all versions of mobile devices and will be accessible for customers. As a result, customers do not need to update the application or even install a newer application.

موبایل بانک فرآیند محور جت‌وی

JetWay Mobile Banking Highlights ______________

  • Biometric Data Authentication
  • No App. Update Required for Changes
  • Wistore Market Place for Widget Downloads
  • Bank Card Scanner
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Native Version
  • Transactions Saving Capability
  • Intelligent Clipboard
  • Customized Shortcut Keys
  • Multilingual
  • Process-Oriented Approach
  • Integrated Channels Approach
  • Ease of Use
  • Bidirectional User-Interface Support


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