Retail Banking

In retail banking, most banks are direct providers of services to individuals and legal entities. Many people have bank accounts for themselves in retail banks and banks that provide banking services. Individuals may also manage their business and business branches in these banks, and this type of bank is related to individuals’ businesses.
Basically, retail banking is designed to provide banking services for everyday life. From opening an account at the time of a child’s birth to university and college funds and providing retirement expenses in order to pay in old age, one of the most basic retail banking services includes savings and current accounts, and basically retail banks are always providing all banking services. which are highly popular with people.

However, most retail banks try to turn themselves into a one-stop shop for all banking services for all banking customers’ needs. This increases customer retention, loyalty and trust, and as a result, the bank will always have a constant source of customers. Expanding banking services is profitable for the bank in turn and will eventually create more opportunities.

Other retail banking services include various types of deposits, home and car loans, certificates of deposit, retirement accounts, investments and other services. Most retail banks offer credit and debit cards to customers; They also have financing options like equity lines of credit.

بانکداری خرد

Deposits and Accounts

Fixed, Saving, Current, Term and Recurring Deposits

Loans & Mortgage

Housing, Personal, Vehicle Loans
کارت های هوشمند

Card Products

Credit, Debit, Commercial, Gift and Smart Cards

Investment Products

Bonds, Mutual Funds, Stock Exchange etc.

Insurance Products

Life, Health, General Insurance Protection