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We started TOSAN with a unique and noble goal.

Improving the welfare of the people of our country by relying on and trusting the youth and professionals of Iran. When a goal is meaningful and valuable enough, its necessities are provided around its realization. In this way, God has supported us, and with the clear vision we had, we were able to be our own best in providing banking and payment solutions. We may not have been in front of our end customers, but we have always tried to make it possible for millions of people to experience financial and banking services faster and easier without being seen. We have been one of the invisible personalities in the story of your interactions with the banking and payment systems.
TOSAN is a name that has been formed over the past 22 years with the efforts of more than 2,800 young people who are unique and important to us as one-of-a-kind stars. TOSAN is now a well-known national brand in providing banking and payment solutions, and this is the result of the empathy and love of each of our colleagues.

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For Customers
سامانه سبد کالا

TOSAN and Customers

سبد محصولات ما  بسیار متنوع و متناسب با نیاز مشتریان ما است. شــاید در پیــش روی مشــتریان نهایــی خــود نبودهایــم ولــی همیشــه بــدون آنکــه بخواهیــم دیــده شــویم ســعی کردهایــم میلیونهــا نفــر بتواننــد خدمــات مالــی و بانکــی را ســریعتر و راحتتــر تجربــه کننــد. مــا جــزو شــخصیتهای نامرئــی داســتان تعامــات شمـــا بــا سیســتمهای بانکــی و پرداخــت بودهایــم.

Job Opportunities

TOSAN Relationship with Job Seekers

We are active in the field of banking and payment software solutions. You can get acquainted with our fields in this website.
We have tried to give you an accurate picture of the organizational structure, career path, salary calculation method, TOSAN perspective

International Markets

TOSAN Presence in International Markets

Our successful performance in providing services within the country has led to TOSAN’s reputation extending beyond the borders of Iran to the international markets and is currently being presented

Solutions and Products

What are our solutions

We have always tried to operate unique information technology-based solutions and services in private, state-owned banks, and financial and credit institutions. The up-to-date technology and infrastructure used in our services and solutions make this possible for our customers ensure the enjoyment of an integrated and online portfolio, with the assurance of flexibility in the face of change, and respond quickly to environmental demands.
We have also been able to achieve great success in our solutions by utilizing indigenous knowledge in important projects and national and e-government strategies.

فرصت های شغلی جدید توسن و روش پیوستن به ما
Working Environment

Work/Life Balance 

We believe that work is similar to life. Working hard is not a priority for us, but working smartly is our necessity in TOSAN. We believe that a happy employee will have more motivation to work smarter and work harder. For this reason, we have removed the distances and boundaries within the team so that we can be together as a family and have a suitable place to spend happy hours in the working hours. Creating a balance between work and life is one of our most important priorities in TOSAN.


The leadership for applying three design, implementation and drive principles in banking technology and financial software

We have always been at the highest positions in the field of banking and financial industry in Iran and have achieved numerous and great successes. We believe we should accompany our customers to find the best solutions to reduce their major concerns, meaning that we adopt ourselves with our customers during this journey and the long road.

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We design our solutions to achieve the customer experience


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Leading experience in financial and banking solutions

First Iranian Core Banking System

First Iranian Internet Banking System

First Iranian Payment Switch

First Iranian Business Intelligence

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Over fifty banks and financial institutions with over six thousand branches are using TOSAN products and services.