Iran Posheh electronic dashboard (EBOX)

Electronic wallet systems in the field of electronic banking of TOSAN company started working with corporate banking and personal banking projects and in the last few years, according to the requirements created in the field of electronic government, it has been active in this sector as well.

The design and implementation of these systems generally vary according to the customer’s needs and the customer’s business model. Therefore, the systems implemented in this section are always beyond the usual cartable systems in the market, which in addition to covering the cartable modules, will give users more capabilities.

The system of the national directory of Iranians has been prepared and implemented in order to create a direct and unmediated communication channel between the government and the people, in a safe and accessible environment at any place and at any time. This system is considered as one of the electronic government projects of the Information Technology Organization of Iran, which is currently operational and has been made available to all people of the country with the Iran folder address. This system is known as the most comprehensive communication system between the government and the people, which can, in addition to support, send official and government notices and letters from all government institutions to the people, which reduces the physical presence of people in the devices, other capabilities such as requests for completion The desired forms of the devices also provided the possibility of sending answers to people and so on.

Advantages of the Iranian national workbook system

درگاه یکپارچه و جامع ارتباط دولت با مردم

The integrated and comprehensive portal of communication between the government and the people

ایجاد نام کاربری برای هر فرد ایرانی در سامانه (کد ملی)
Creating a username for every Iranian person in the system (national code)
حذف کاغذ

Remove the paper

کاهش حضور فیزیکی مردم در دستگاه ها

Reducing the physical presence of people in devices

اطمینان از اعتبار اسناد ارسالی در ایران پوشه

Ensuring the validity of documents sent in Iran folder