NetWay | Process Oriented Internet Banking

NetWay Internet Banking has been designed to increase the speed of service delivery in the web portal. For this reason, a platform that can display and use the processes defined by the bank without special changes for the bank’s customers, helps to increase the bank’s competitive advantage.

The bank defines the aforementioned processes under the TOSAN Service Bus of the bank (TSB+) and centrally, and there is no difference in the definition environment of the bank’s internal processes.

with the process that can be displayed on the NetWay, because the different states of the running processes must be centralized are maintained, in this case, the bank acquires the ability to provide integrated channels for the customer, and as a result, this sense of integration can be more successful in creating a customer experience.

نت وی اینترنت بانک - NetWay Internet Banking

In the concept of integrated channels, paying attention to the customer’s needs is a principle and the customer is placed at the center of all services and capabilities. The importance of paying attention to the customer’s needs goes beyond the provision of service, in this view, the customer will feel all communication channels with the bank without any difference and can view the status of ongoing processes from any other channel or even continue the process.

Defining the bank’s customer as the main actor and initiator of the process is a capability that can manifest the concept of CSB.
In the current scenario, the concept of integrated channels, open banking and CSB creates the same experience for the bank’s customers and improves the competitive advantage to a great extent.

Products whose architecture and production are produced according to other products and to meet the customer’s needs can always have a broader view of the customer’s needs instead of the services being used and will let banks to pay more attention to the customer.
Undoubtedly, a product that can separate the TSB+ processes from the level of bank users and make them usable by the final customer, will greatly help the customer to connect and use the processes and bring the sense of intelligence and versatility of using integrated channels to the customer.

TOSAN has designed a JetWay process orient mobile banking system in order to complete the omni-channel product portfolio.


Other features of the NetWay platform include the following

SSO functionality

Widget-based user interface

•	رویکرد کانال های یکپارچه

Integrated channels approach

Process-oriented approach

Ability to connect to Vistor (Widget Store) to activate and deactivate widgets

Responsiveness of pages based on the client’s device

Moving the arrangement of widgets and processes depending on the needs of users and banks



Products with Omni-Channel Approach