Yar Insurance System

The competitive market and the increasing complexity of businesses in the financial and banking services industry have created the need to change the approach in this industry. Based on this, the requirement to innovate, reduce costs, try to increase profitability and change in business models has changed the approach and created the thinking of providing financial services in an integrated manner, which has made it one of the new concepts in the marketing of financial and banking services.

Due to the competitive environment in financial services and the emergence of the idea of ​​providing all financial services in an integrated and centralized manner, insurance is an issue that has attracted the attention of both the insurance and banking industries more than before. Therefore, it is very important to have a product in the collection of banking system products that will develop and facilitate the communication process of bank and insurance business. TOSAN company by identifying the growing need of banks regarding services
Corporate banking has produced the insurance product. The design of Bimeyar system is done with the aim of providing online banking services to insurance companies and also providing online insurance services in banking processes.