Integrated Electronic Payment System (Sipa)

This payment switch has been developed based on Java technology and is a product of years of experience in the field of providing various banking software in order to provide various payment services inside the branch and outside the branch using special electronic banking tools.

In the design of this system, in addition to taking into account the special conditions of the electronic banking ecosystem in Iran and the specific capabilities required by Iranian banks to operate in it, extensive studies were conducted on similar international systems and their experiences were used to enrich the capabilities and performance of the system. has been One of the main tasks of this system is to process all kinds of card-based transactions that are sent from different channels such as ATMs, branch and store terminals, Internet Bank, Mobile Bank, Phone Bank, Kiosk, USSD and other switches

The Integrated Electronic Payment System (SIPA) of TOSAN Pratya Company has the possibility to be used in the modes of full banking switch and connection to Shetab network, receiving switch and connection to Shaprak network and interface switch in special purpose projects. Also, the latest changes announced by the Central Bank, in the form of the Shetab 7 protocol, the first and second one-time code of the card and the EMV smart card, have also been implemented in this system

سامانه پرداخت سیپا

The features of this system are

  • Using the latest software technologies
  • Ability to process high volume of payment transactions
  • Using AES128/192/256 and TDES 2key/3key encryption algorithms with a high degree of security
  • Using HSM (Hardware Security Module) and SSM (Software Security Module) to validate the code and transactions of magnetic and smart cards
  • Support standard protocols and central bank requirements
  • Support for all types of payment terminals
  • Connecting to various payment networks
  • Support for various services and payment transactions

Finally, it is worth mentioning that with the aim of adapting the Sipa product to international standards and launching this product in payment networks outside Iran, TOSAN has also succeeded in obtaining the PCI-DSS v3.2.1 international certificate