Intelligent online monitoring system of card transactions (Tiam Card)


The “Tiam Card” system has been produced with the aim of “online monitoring of card transactions and controlling their flow” so that banks and financial institutions can be informed of the status of their transactions and cards at any time and can prevent a certain flow of transactions if possible. Or modify it.

The main feature of this system is providing instant statistics of the status of transactions, immediate notification in case of special events and controlling the flow of transactions while maintaining the main function of the switch. The card consists of three subsystems: instantaneous monitoring, warning, and conditional rules. Instantaneous monitoring subsystem in the form of instantaneous charts provides a comprehensive view of what is going on in the switch card. Also, the statistics provided are compared with the indicators defined in the system and in case of deviation from the normal behavior that is extracted using data mining and based on transaction records, the necessary warning is given.


Special Features

Definition of hazard conditions in the system for information Immediate in case of occurrence

Extract the normal range of indicators using Data mining based on transaction history

Report the moment of deviation of the indicators from normal values

•	قابلیت پردازش حجم بالای تراکنش‌های پرداخت

Provide instantaneous dashboards of transaction flow in switches of different dimensions

Control of recent card or terminal behavior (total amounts, number of transactions, etc.)

Implement control policies on the transaction by defining conditional rules

Rooting for abnormal conditions with instantaneous dimensional analysis

Intelligent online monitoring system of financial transactions (Financial Tiam)

The system (Financial Tiam) has been developed with the aim of online monitoring of financial documents and their control, which provides the possibility of instantaneous information about the flow of financial documents and topics for banks and financial institutions.

The bank can also, prevent the issuance of certain documents that are contrary to the policies of the organization, if necessary, this system provides instant statistics of turnover status of headlines and branches, immediate information in case of special issuance and control of document flow with predetermined conditions, while maintaining the efficiency of the centralized banking system, banks in instant monitoring of bank turnover and urgent decision making. Moment charts, comparing the turnover of headings with defined indicators and the possibility of tracing events are some of the features of the instant monitoring subsystem.

Special Features

Definition of hazard conditions in the system for immediate notification in case of issuance of a document with special conditions

Extraction of normal interval of indexes using data mining based on the history of documents issued on the headings

Report the moment of deviation of financial indicators from normal values

Provide instant dashboards of turnover of headings and branches of different dimensions (branches, currencies, etc.)

Control the circulation of the document on the heading or branch

Implement control policies on documents by defining conditional rules

Detection of abnormal conditions with the help of instantaneous dimensional analysis