The bridge between the bank and the customer

The business environment is constantly changing and transforming. Complexity and constant changes in the environment require companies to make decisions with greater speed and agility. Business intelligence solutions can provide a suitable information infrastructure for decision-making by middle and senior managers of the organization.
The customer club and customer campaigns lead to the establishment of a relationship between the bank and the customers, which in the long run will provide the bank with many opportunities to sell banking products and services.
The main function of this system is to analyze and monitor customer and product performance, based on a data warehouse.
This system groups previous product and customer information based on specific patterns. Subsequently, based on definable patterns in the system, scoring is done. This score can be displayed on the customer club portal. After this stage, the customers of the club will be offered discounts, facilities and other incentive packages based on the points earned.

Customer Club


Increase in fee income
Strengthening the bank brand
Customer retention
Activation of inactive customers
High speed reporting
Access to reports anytime and anywhere
Development and creation of new products and services by identifying customer needs
Cost savings