Ravyar Internet Banking System


The Internet Banking Ravyar system has been produced and operated based on the online analysis of Internet transactions to detect and prevent the occurrence of fraud and misuse of the account of Internet Bank customers. This system analyzes the user behavior in interaction with the user interface of the internet banking system online and in the shortest possible time and reports suspicious cases to the internet banking system so that it can take the necessary action at the moment.

کشف تقلب راویار
(Transaction amount, total amounts, repeat transaction,
Transaction time and…)
Online risk analysis of IP address behavior
(Successful / unsuccessful transaction control, attack detection, etc.)
Online risk analysis of user behavior
(Common device change, rapid geographical changes,
Transaction from new city or country and …)

In addition to extracting the geographical location of the IP address, also extracts the specifications of the user device and performs the necessary analyzes based on it. Ravyar Internet Banking consists of two main subsystems: “Conditional Rules” and “Behavior Analysis”.

The “Conditional Rules” subsystem provides the bank with the opportunity to define its terms and conditions of control policies for controlling transactions. In the “Behavior Analysis” subsystem, the financial and non-financial behaviors of all users, IPs, cards and deposits based on transactions of the last few months are modeled using data mining algorithms and abnormal deviations from the normal behavior of the entity are identified in real time and in Risk format and is reported to the internet banking system.

Online reporting of transaction risk status
And the occurrence of scenarios
Online licensing if authenticated
In Internet Banking
Definition of blacklist, whitelist
User, IP and card / deposit
Define conditional rules on parameters