TSB+ platform

Focusing on the logic that customers can change roles and contribute to the creation of value in business and that value is created in an ecosystem of users and in their interaction, formed the basis for the emergence of platform business models. In the platform model, a platform is created that interacts producers with consumers, and in other words, both sellers and buyers are producers and consumers of the platform at the same time.

Banks need to make changes in their workflow and service processes in a short time and have the possibility of expanding and customizing their services in terms of type and channel and using various products from different manufacturers and have effective and fast methods to access the masses. Adopt the information produced and stored in these systems

سرویس یک پارچه نو آوری باز +TSB

Availability is also one of the key features in the desirability of banking services. Bank customers tend to receive the services they need as much as possible offline and at the times they want, which may not be the same as the office hours of bank branches. To respond to this need of customers, we see the emergence of new banking entities, such as virtual branches, and smart and interactive tools and technologies every day.

Therefore, in order to respond to these new requirements, TOSAN company has revised and updated the architecture of its solutions with the approach of “open innovation” and provided services and processes in three axes, and it provides the possibility for the bank to receive services – The required processes play a role in this ecosystem, which will ultimately bring the integration of information and the interaction of different systems in the body of the bank and will lead to the expansion of services and products that can be provided by banks and create an ecosystem instead of a system. .


The TSB+ solution creates an orchestration in the entire architecture by using Design, Implement and Drive capabilities so that the bank can use this solution in a completely Business Oriented way in the form of a new service or product to the market. to do