PANAM encryption system

With the increasing development of banking services provided on the Internet and the use of cards in online transactions at payment points and the increasing possibility of misuse of card information in the hands of customers in different ways such as phishing, etc., the Central Bank of the Islamic Republics, all institutions and banks requires the use of dynamic password in internet transactions.

In this regard, TOSAN company made adaptation of the existing infrastructures to connect to the Harim system and within the set period of time, it launched both issuing and accepting phases in the banks under its contract and also, the PANAM encryption program in Some banks have the option to enable bank customers to activate the program in two ways, in person or in person (via Internet Bank), and after that they can simply receive the second dynamic code of the card and use it in transactions.

سامانه رمز ساز پنام

Now, for the banks that are parties to the TOSAN contract that do not use the PANAM encryption program, a possibility has been provided so that these banks and their related companies can also design a separate application according to their needs.

Since TOSAN company has always considered the Open banking approach, it has provided an opportunity for banks, institutions and companies related to the production of banking applications to be able to use the existing infrastructure if they wish, by connecting through the POAP port.

have designed and can use their favorite application to generate a one-time password.

سامانه رمز سازPOAP