Kavosh Anti-Money Laundering System is Secure Your Financial Transactions and Business

Among the various methods and tools used for money laundering, the use of banking products and services is very common. On the other hand, with the development of the global economy.

the growth of the use of the Internet and electronic business (e-Business) and especially electronic banking (e-Banking), it is expected that money laundering will become more popular and its detection will become more difficult, resulting in more damage to health and economic growth. will bring Therefore, the measures necessary to fight money laundering are of great importance in the direction of the financial stability of a country as well as global security.

In this regard, it is necessary to use the appropriate system to identify people or money networks. The anti-money laundering system based on data mining meets all the needs of banks in the fight against money laundering.

ضد پولشویی کاوش


The possibility of generating reports of suspicious operations
to money laundering based on the latest rules
Issued in the central bank circulars
The possibility of monitoring and monitoring people
Under the care of the subject of instructions
Care of suspects
The possibility of visualizing the data of the data warehouse
With an anti-money laundering approach
(preparation of customer communication graph)
It is possible to report on the proposed rules
In the instructions of the central bank
(According to the changes of the last version)
The ability to maintain operation details
Done at the transaction level
Keeping historical information of deposits and customers
and accessibility in different time frames
Providing a data platform for data mining
Data and intelligent search of money laundering scenarios
Management of suspicious cases
Show comprehensive customer information with
Use of KYC indicators
Quick and comprehensive access to everything
Customer transactions
Preparation of reports required by the Central Bank
and financial information unit with full compliance
With the latest version of issued circulars