FARANEGIN®, Our Second Generation of Core Banking System

is the upgraded version of NEGIN® system that is in use in many banks operating with a high volume of transactions. FARANEGIN utilizes the latest software technology, ability to work in a global network in the country is high and can easily fit in the branches and the branches of the bank or financial institution and the goals and needs of banks to localize operating with a high volume of transactions handled. The most important change in the system setting changes in the architecture of the system into service-oriented architecture and design software layer (presentation, business and data) in addition to speed system performance, advantages such as easy connection of peripherals, increases security and reducing bandwidth requirements provided. In addition FARANEGIN system more flexible user interface, is lighter and more user-friendly.

FARANEGIN® Highlights

  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Centralized System and Online
  • Speed Appropriate Support Systems and the Focus of the Business Layer on a Server
  • Provide a Variety of Logs and Monitoring
  • Optimized On the Proper Functioning of the Satellite Lines
  • Standard Connections with Other Banking Systems
  • User-Friendly Graphical Interface and Very Low Volume
  • Automatic Update Clients in Branches
  • Manage Batch Operations on the Web