Open Banking

A word with an unbelievable meaning in the past decades, which has been objectified for several years. A bank that has opened its doors to all small and large businesses and no longer claims to be able to provide the best services to its customers.
A bank that takes this approach humbly and rightly pays attention only to its customer and his experience in banking services. Such a bank wants to provide its banking services with a different and customer-friendly color.
This bank knows that there are many startups and businesses that can be more creative, more targeted, and most importantly more pleasant, to make the customer satisfied with receiving banking services. They, who are more open than banks, can provide various banking services to customers in various conditions with greater flexibility and speed. In fact, this ability of theirs is supported by banking APIs, APIs that are the foundation and main pillar of open banking. With their skill, knowledge and experience, they draw a targeted coating on banking APIs to make them more attractive and practical for their customers and banks.
In most cases, by making the bank invisible, they can reduce the customer’s need and concern to be present or connect to his own bank, and manage the customer’s financial affairs and deposits with their proper mediation. In the meantime, banks also focus on their main role, which is to maintain security and provide stable APIs.