Intelligent transportation system

Today in the transportation industry, the use of new methods and tools based on up-to-date technologies is on the rise. The trend in our country has begun more or less and the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is growing. One of these systems is ETC or electronic toll collection, which plays a major role in resolving the problems of traditional toll (stop-pay-receipt) methods. In recent years, TOSAN Company has also developed a toll system in which the vehicle owner passes the ETC gate by purchasing a tag and charging it and gluing it on the windshield without stopping. Accounts will be automatically deducted from tolls.

In the second method developed by TOSAN, all cars are identified with license plates and their effects will be calculated and no more tags will be needed to pay. To pay these tolls, there are three methods of charging a wallet connected to a license plates paying directly through PAYMAN System. Crossing the freeway is expected in less than 72 hours.

Since 1979 TOSAN Company as one of Sepandar Company (Implementer of Electronic Freeware Toll Collection Electronic Project – Licensed by the Government Board) shareholder has launched a secure, easy and fast platform for electronic toll collection in the NSPAY brand (Non-stop pay). Drivers were able to cross the Tehran-Saveh, Tehran-Qom, Qazvin-Zanjan and Karaj-Qazvin freeways after implementing this plan. At these four freeways, the toll booths were eliminated and the car lanes are completely open. This system is currently publicly available through NSPAY. There is no need to buy tags in this system and cars can easily travel all the announced routes in NSPAY website.

Among the most important features of this system, the following can be mentioned:

User Friendly


System availability


No tag required


Allocate wallet to each license plate upon user request


Supports more than 5 payment methods


Reducing transport and traffic problems in the country and strengthening transport infrastructure

In this system, there is no need to buy a tag and cars can easily travel on all the routes announced on the system website.