Business intelligence systems

In the commercial system designed for banks, the data warehousing information of deposit systems, loans, general ledger, letters of credit, cards and modern banking are processed in a single environment, processed to produce reports and interactive charts.

This system has been designed with the aim of reducing risk, increasing productivity, facilitating planning, monitoring the status and performance of the bank at different levels, and finally helping managers to make decisions at different levels. It is possible to define goals (for each branch), monitor the process of operations in the direction of goals and measure success, analyze deviations and redefine goals in the system.

داشبورد های هوش تجاری
Trend charts of indicators Defined in the system
(Resources, uses,
Profitability indicators, profit margin
Operational, Effective loan rate,
Cost of money, per capita productivity)
Reports and graphs showing the extent
Deviation of branch (bank) performance from forecasting
Comparative reports and charts
From the performance of branches
Various types of reports and charts
In the mentioned areas
(Finance, Loans, Documents, Deposits, Currency, Modern Banking)
Check the trend (increase / decrease) of overdue receivables
Customer Behavior Analysis (Number of Active Customers, Number of Customers Attracted in Each Domain, Number of Lost Customers, …)
Identifying Superior Customers (Branch / Bank)