Terminal Management_________


Banks are always trying to increase the access of their customers to the banking services they need. In this regard, they have created a wide network of bank terminals (for example, ATMs) in different parts of the country.

But there are several important issues regarding this distributed network; Firstly, updating the software installed on these terminals should be done remotely and centrally due to their dispersion. Secondly, in order to maintain the service level, it is necessary to have a monitoring system capable of controlling and monitoring the performance of the terminals in terms of various indicators.

The importance of monitoring terminals in order to monitor their service level is not hidden from anyone. Sepanta is a system for monitoring and managing ATMs, POS or any other clients, such as branch clients.

مدیریت ترمینال سپنتا

The applications of this system are as follows

Communicating with the terminal and monitoring its various features

Sending file types (for example versions and animations) to the terminal and updating the terminal

Send commands and configure the terminal

Ability to define functions and schedules to be performed by the terminal

Receive files (for example, Log and photo files) from the terminal

Processing notifications sent from the terminal and communicating with contacts through Chapar

Creating various reports on the performance and status of terminals