Setad (Data As A Service)

Data Exchange System (Setad)

One of the most important concerns in the production of operating systems is the access of system stakeholders to data resources. The complexities of how data is presented have left system stakeholders dependent on manufacturing companies for further development. Access to the operating system database, due to the high volume of data and the complexity of the database model, is a solution that causes a lot of confusion for system stakeholders and on the other hand creates the risk of business disclosure for system manufacturers. The trading system, with the approach of creating an open data concept, provides data with a service architecture (DAAS: Data as a Service). The solutions provided by DASS provide connections between databases, data warehouses, and other systems and build a logical data model that allows data to be used in a variety of environments, regardless of the tools they use for analysis.

Creating a data reference and resolving the problem of information inconsistencies
Having all the data with guarantee of accuracy, quality and speed
Provide infrastructure independent of development platforms and hide the technical complexities of systems development
Diversify options in selecting a contractor to develop new systems
Empowering the development of new systems
Architectural concealment data references and attention to data publishing rights
Ability to monitor and report the number and volume of services requested by different users
Reference standardization of information provision to avoid inconsistencies in different data sources
Ability to create new services with ease and high speed from existing services
Independence from operating systems for data access